Introducing Tanglewood – an Original Title for the SEGA Mega Drive

UPDATE 2: Play the Tanglewood Tech Demo! Go here:


UPDATE 1: Looking for gameplay? More info here:

Introducing Tanglewood

Tanglewood is a new and original platforming title for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive, which lends inspiration from games like Limbo, Abe’s Oddysee, Flashback and Another World. It’s a dark and moody tale that follows the life of a creature who has gotten lost after dark – a dangerous thing to do in Tanglewood’s world – and a struggle to get back home to safety.

The game features a familiar 2D platforming experience to Mega Drive veterans, a world full of interesting characters, creatures and enemies, puzzles and traps, a day/night time cycle, and a charming story.


Tanglewood is being developed in pure 68000 assembly language, using a Cross Products development kit (1993 model) and custom tools.

I’ll be revealing characters, mechanics and lore gradually, but here’s a brisk walk though the basic environment which shows off day/dusk/night cycles, falling leaves, fireflies, and the game’s protagonist, Nymn:

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11 thoughts on “Introducing Tanglewood – an Original Title for the SEGA Mega Drive

  1. Well, this is very interesting! This first video looks very promising. Already the graphics are quite nice.
    Is this something you’re creating completely on your own?
    Will be it be put on a cartridge and be playable on an actual Sega Genesis?
    I’m looking forward to more news on Tanglewood!

      • If you need help making cartridges when the time comes – shoot me an email, I’d gladly help! I can even provide boxes and printing cover-art as well as sealing.

        Also really nice to finally see some action on the blog once again. Are you planning on making more tutorials? For example streaming which I know you had a lot of trouble with. I think it would be really useful for those of us still very new to learning 68k asm.

      • Spare time is proving to be quite elusive these days. I would love to continue these articles but all my time is put into writing my game for now. There will be a framework and toolset release which contains all of my streaming code, so hopefully it’s commented enough for people to pick out the important bits.

  2. Love the animation on this, so smooth and already has a professional look to it. Great work! Just stumbled across your site in the past week but have already read it cover to cover, away to drop comments on all the sections I found particularly interesting / helpful so if you fancy taking a break from coding it would be great to know you’ve had a look over them, I’ll try keep the gushing in amazement / gratitude to a minimum. 😀

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