Mega Drive Assembly Workshop and Hello World Sample

Hello! It’s been a long while since I’ve posted a programming article, since I’ve been pretty busy getting my game finished.

I do intend to return here with a full new set of tutorials (now that I know what I’m doing…) but in the meantime:

SEGA Mega Drive Assembly Programming Workshop

I’ve uploaded the slides from my workshop at the National Videogame Arcade last year, which details step-by-step the journey to getting Hello World on screen, plus a few extras like memory management, and bonus slides on sprites. You’ll need this pack of resources to go with it.

SEGA Mega Drive Hello World Example

For people trying to get started quickly, I’ve also created a peer reviewed, tried-and-tested on hardware, Hello World sample, all in one file.

Assemble with ASM68K.EXE:

asm68k.exe /p hello.asm,hello.bin


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